Roberto Baratta: “Phishing has grown exponentially during the pandemic

Roberto Baratta, Director of Loss Prevention, Business Continuity and Security of Abanca and its group, is this month's guest on TECH Hunters, the podcast channel that Emetel has just launched. In it he releveals his vision of the importance of cybersecurity today, the danger posed by cyber attacks and the level of awareness we have, among other issues. This is the first in a series of podcasts designed to highlight the importance of people in areas such as digitalization, innovation and cybersecurity. <a href="" title="Tech Hunters by Emetel - Episodio 1">Ir a descargar</a> Suscribe to our TECH Hunters channel!

Internal talent makes the difference

In a sector as complex, dynamic and changing as the technological, talent management and development has become a particularly relevant issue. The internal talent is a tool of differentiation, increasingly strategic, competitive and protagonist of corporate decisions. This is even more so in a sector like ours, which is the driving force behing employment and activity in Spain. Currently, the company - employee binomial needs to go one step further: a management, development and loyalty of talent, building high performance teams, goal-oriented and putting the customer more than ever in the focus of all our actions. Attracting talent is not easy, but neither is building customer loyalty. Creating a working ecosystem in which employees want to continue to be part of the project…

The Bay of Cadiz Port Authority trusts Emetel to become a Port 4.0

Over the next four years, Emetel will carry out the development and implementation of the Technology Master Plan, within the framework of digitization of processes and services of the Bay of Cádiz Port Authority (APBC). The project has a budget of 4.2 million euros and its objective is to implement in the APBC a more efficient, agile, innovative, safe and sustainable organization and management model. The trust placed by this Port Authority in Emetel comes to consolidate our position as a high added value technology consultant to lead global digitization projects. Emetel's innovative model, based on a deep knowledge of the sectores in which it operates and on promoting the alignment of all the agents involved in digitization processes, beteting on change management…

Talent that attracts talent

Our start of the year could not be better. This January we celebrate that we have a new beneficiary of our Internal Recruiting Plan. Our workmate Jacobo Vidal helped us a year ago to incorporate a new member into the Emetel Operations Area. A new workmate who, happily for everyone, has already completed his first year at our home. Therefore, and according to our Internal Recruiting Plan, Jacobo has received his deserved award. Congrats, Jacobo! In Emetel we remain committed to a strategy of incorporating talent into our team by involving all of us who are part of the company. Without a doubt, the best way to grow solidly.

We say goodbye to the year of our 25th anniversary

Last December we celebrated our 25th anniversary at the NOA Hotel Boutique in Santa Cruz, Oleiros. We already said it that day, but we want to thank again the assistance of all those who left aside other commitments or who decided to come from far away. Also those who, wanting to accompany us, could not make it for different reasons. For all of you, we share this short video of our celebration: We continue working to maintain the illusion and the passion for everything we do, without forgeting the most important thing for us: our people. Thank you all!

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25 years of technology with a soul

The perspectives of life, of the world that surrounds us, change according to age and experiences. What am I going to tell you... This year we can say that Emetel turns 25 years old with a new way of seeing technology. 25 years full of learning, growth, a path that we have built among all. 25 years of history that you can see here. One question we ask ourselves at this moment is how did we get here? The answer could be the following... Naturally, our PERSONALITY has been forged based on moments and circumstances that we have lived. People, clients, teams, projects, achievements, failures... In short: an accumulation of many experiences that have made us the close, reliable and recognized company that we…

We keep on seeking the best solutions for you
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We keep on seeking the best solutions for you

We are commited to placing the client at the center of our objectives and decisions. This philosophy has accompanied us for many years, including our values, and we firmly believe that it is the only way to provide REAL value. Therefore, this week we have travelled to Burgo de Osma (Soria) to attend Unify's annual event for partners, organized among with TELENETS and ITANCIA. Ricardo Ardemagni, SVP Channel Sales for International Markets at Unify also attended the event. Two very intense and productive days in which we have been able to know first-hand, among others, the next Unify cloud solution which will offer storage of the communications infraestructure as a complement to its current solution. Considering the role that infraestructures play in digital…

First winner of our In Company Selection Plan

By the end of 2017 we implemented an In Company Selection Plan, with the purpose of improving our selection processes by involving our entire team. Today, 12 months and an incorporation of a partner proposed by another after, we have delivered with our colleagues from Santiago de Compostela the reward: a weekend stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel and a dinner for two. Congratulations Raúl Doval Sánchez, enjoy it!

New horizonts, new website

From now on, we will celebrate and remember November 30 fondly. The date on which we renew our website because we needed it, because it was necessary that we reflect in a textual and graphic way the orientation the company has acquired in recent years, our way of doing things and the values that we -and you- all share at Emetel. Our website is one of our main business cards. For this reason, we want you to know that Emetel has a new way of seeing technology. This new website is not only ours, it is also YOURS.

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New appointment with CyberCamp 2018

Once again, Emetel is present at the Employment and Talent Forum in Cybersecurity, a virtual event promoted and organized by the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE). In this fifth edition of the CyberCamp, our brand BE:SEC has a personalized virtual stand where attendees can go to know our offer and products in depth, request more information or apply for current vacancies. You cann access and register in this link or visit BE:SEC's website.