Roberto Baratta: “Phishing has grown exponentially during the pandemic

Roberto Baratta, Director of Loss Prevention, Business Continuity and Security of Abanca and its group, is this month's guest on TECH Hunters, the podcast channel that Emetel has just launched. In it he releveals his vision of the importance of cybersecurity today, the danger posed by cyber attacks and the level of awareness we have, among other issues. This is the first in a series of podcasts designed to highlight the importance of people in areas such as digitalization, innovation and cybersecurity. <a href="" title="Tech Hunters by Emetel - Episodio 1">Ir a descargar</a> Suscribe to our TECH Hunters channel!

What happens when we put technology at the service of people?

"At least two children in each class suffer from bullying, a situation that is disadvantaged by the connection with the digital environment and violence on the Internet", as UNICEF states in a study. The advance of technology occurs at dizzying rates and it is necessary to fight against this type of situations at the same speed. Fortunately, more and more initiatives and projects are emerging such as APERTA, a solution that automates a process that allows teachers to evaluate the social environment of a class and thanks to which, in a few minutes, it is possible to obtain a sociogram that reflects the social position that they show off the students in the class. In just over a year, this project has already…

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