Internal talent makes the difference

In a sector as complex, dynamic and changing as the technological, talent management and development has become a particularly relevant issue. The internal talent is a tool of differentiation, increasingly strategic, competitive and protagonist of corporate decisions. This is even more so in a sector like ours, which is the driving force behing employment and activity in Spain. Currently, the company - employee binomial needs to go one step further: a management, development and loyalty of talent, building high performance teams, goal-oriented and putting the customer more than ever in the focus of all our actions. Attracting talent is not easy, but neither is building customer loyalty. Creating a working ecosystem in which employees want to continue to be part of the project…

First winner of our In Company Selection Plan

By the end of 2017 we implemented an In Company Selection Plan, with the purpose of improving our selection processes by involving our entire team. Today, 12 months and an incorporation of a partner proposed by another after, we have delivered with our colleagues from Santiago de Compostela the reward: a weekend stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel and a dinner for two. Congratulations Raúl Doval Sánchez, enjoy it!