Talent that attracts talent

Our start of the year could not be better. This January we celebrate that we have a new beneficiary of our Internal Recruiting Plan. Our workmate Jacobo Vidal helped us a year ago to incorporate a new member into the Emetel Operations Area. A new workmate who, happily for everyone, has already completed his first year at our home. Therefore, and according to our Internal Recruiting Plan, Jacobo has received his deserved award. Congrats, Jacobo! In Emetel we remain committed to a strategy of incorporating talent into our team by involving all of us who are part of the company. Without a doubt, the best way to grow solidly.

New horizonts, new website

From now on, we will celebrate and remember November 30 fondly. The date on which we renew our website because we needed it, because it was necessary that we reflect in a textual and graphic way the orientation the company has acquired in recent years, our way of doing things and the values that we -and you- all share at Emetel. Our website is one of our main business cards. For this reason, we want you to know that Emetel has a new way of seeing technology. This new website is not only ours, it is also YOURS.

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