Our commitment since 2014 is to incorporate the economic, social and environmental principles in our business strategy, establishing a close collaboration with our stakeholders and allocating resources to the development and implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan within Emetel. 

In an initial stage we carried out specific activities of social responsibility with full awareness of it but without a thoughtful planning:

Agreement with the Red Cross, within the “Emetic” Project, to remove old or disused computer equipment, own and from clients, and donate them to people with fewer resources

Summer camp for young students

Enhancers of the Postgraduate of Specialization in Business Management and Technology, “XEMTE”, together with the University of A Coruña -UDC-

Nowadays, and since December 2017, all the actions we carry out respond to a CSR strategy aimed at improving our corporate reputation and competitiveness:

Participants in the 1st edition of the Xunta de Galicia’s Responsabilízate Program, in order to promote greater development and implementation of CSR in Galician SMEs, and we develop our first CSR plan

Since May 25, an agreement with Down Compostela Foundation that aims to improve the labour integration of vulnerable groups


Our objectives are linked to aspects related to ethics, good governance, efficiency in operations, the supply chain or transparency, among others.


We seek to develop actions that involve the people of our organization with the community in which we develop our activity.

Our main objective is to raise awareness and involve our internal stakeholders in our environmental commitment.