We implement projects and provide services in the following areas:

Technological infrastructures

From the classic investment model to the provision of infrastructure as a service (Iaas), with the appropriate quality, security and availability to the requirements of each business activity


For which we created our own brand that operates under the “BE:SEC” name, responding to cybersecurity needs in the legal, normative and technological fields from our Security Operations Center (SOC)

Digital services

Through the provision of global services for monitoring, operation, maintenance and IT function outsourcing, in our Digital Services Center (“CSD”)

Digitalization of business processes

Providing strategic consulting, planning and implementation of innovative digital technology to make our clients more competitive, sustainable and secure

How do we assure our clients that we do what we say?

Our team has a strong orientation towards satisfying the requirements of our internal stakeholders (human resources, suppliers, commercial partners, …) and external stakeholders (clients, administrations, society,…), as well as strict compliance with all legal provisions, regulations, codes and guidelines that we subscribe or implement in accordance with our internal policy.

As a guarantee of our commitment to quality, the environment, safety and operational efficiency, so as to respond effectively to the demands and requirements of our stakeholders, since 2009 we have implemented an Integrated Management Model, certified under the following references:

We guarantee that our organization best, clearly, for the safety and health of our employees by implementing a preventive culture aimed at minimizing and eliminating any type of risk derived from our activity
We guarantee that our IT services are aligned with the strategy of our organization and our client’s needs. In this way, we achieve that our technological services comply with the best practices of the market and ensure the availability, capacity and response of them to possible eventualities.
We guarantee that all our activities and operations are managed efficiently, effectively and responsibly. Our management model, client-oriented, responds satisfactorily to your current requirements and guides us to anticipate your future needs, generating competitive advantages.
Through internal controls we guarantee that the information we manage is duly protected and safeguarded according to the criteria of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
With the certification in this standard we guarantee our commitment to the environment, through an action of those environmental aspects that could have an impact on our environment.