Internal talent makes the difference

Internal talent makes the difference

In a sector as complex, dynamic and changing as the technological, talent management and development has become a particularly relevant issue. The internal talent is a tool of differentiation, increasingly strategic, competitive and protagonist of corporate decisions. This is even more so in a sector like ours, which is the driving force behing employment and activity in Spain.

Currently, the company – employee binomial needs to go one step further: a management, development and loyalty of talent, building high performance teams, goal-oriented and putting the customer more than ever in the focus of all our actions.

Attracting talent is not easy, but neither is building customer loyalty. Creating a working ecosystem in which employees want to continue to be part of the project is, if possible, even more important. And in this environment, corporate responsibility is critical in all areas: NOT EVERYTHING IS VALID and it is in our hands to create, build and generate or, on the contrary, to leave empty lots with no future.

The classic tools for talent management such as caring for working conditions, facilitating flexibility, promoting training, teambuilding or promoting the creation of a career plan within the company so that our professionals can develop all their skills and grow talent within the organization itself are no longer enough. We have to go further. Speaking of “a job” must be replaced by “a personal and professional project”.

At Emetel, we have made a commitment to the ‘human brand’ or, in other words, to connecting brands with people. In the end, we relate to companies as if they were people, taking into account the degree of interest and satisfaction they generate in us.

So let’s listen to our external customers and our internal customers. Let’s put them together, hand in hand and in the center of our business. Let’s know their concerns, many of them common, beyond those of the workplace, in order to offer them the best working environment in which they want not only to grow, but also to mature and, of course, to grow and move forward. Because the essential ingredients for talent management are knowing how to identify, capture, develop and loyalty. And this reality must reach the whole organization, all our rings of influence.

The challenges are multiplied in an increasingly complex environment. The path is as bright as it is delicate. But the journey shows us all the time that we have chosen one of the most exciting jobs.

Do you agree?

Diego Incio, Director of Organization, People and Technology at Grupo Tesalia

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